Saturday, November 8, 2008

How to Achieve Business Success!

Learn how to survive and thrive in these challenging economic times. Learn how to prepare your business and your employees for fierce global competition and technological change. Learn how practice the science of productivity that results in dramatic improvements in human performance.

Help your people know what is expected of them in their jobs, and make available to them the information that will guide them to do excellent work. Learn how to give them a clear, frequent picture of how well they are performing and what it is they might do to improve their performance. Help your people measure their performance against achievable business goals.

To achieve business success, learn how to analyze, design, develop, test, implement, and evaluate your work systems to most cost-effectively influence human performance that is of value to the basic business goals of your organization.

Learn how to improve your human performance system to ensure smooth work process balance and flow. Improve productivity, reduce errors, reduce rework, improve customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs.

The purpose of my web site,, is to help you accomplish your business goals by sharing knowledge, information and resources to assist you in engineering cost-effective peak human performance.

This useful web site offers plain and simple-to-use resources designed to enhance your performance improvement knowledge, know-how and results.

My focus is adding value for clients, their customers and the global environment. Feel free to take a tour of my web site to discover valuable resources to help you accomplish your business goals. Learn about expert performance-based resources that facilitate the creation of valued results for individuals, organizations, and society in general.

Dr. Paul Elliott, Dr. Tom Gilbert, Dr. Joe Harless, and Dr. Geary Rummler, early mentors, showed many of us that performance improvement could be approached as a science; and, who taught many of us to concentrate on outputs and accomplishments before considering processes. Discover how-to use Human Performance Technology (HPT) to meet or exceed your business goals, strategies, and objectives.

Dr. Tom Gilbert taught us that all engineering begins with the simple economic purpose of creating worthy performance that ensures the value of our accomplishments exceeds the cost of the behavior. provides you with the most important resources you need to analyze, compare and decide on the best approach to achieve your business goals. This site also provides additional human performance resources to help you learn more about the growing field of Human Performance Improvement. Please make yourself at home throughout this web site. Take what you need and don't forget to BOOKMARK this site for continued reference in the future.