Monday, November 17, 2014

Critical Elements of The Science of Human Performance Model

The test of goodness of any instructional intervention must be to the degree to which it produces learning.  Learning is influenced by many things, but it is largely a function of two elements: the meaningfulness of the content of the instruction to the learner and the teaching strategies and specific tactics employed. Without science as the anchor we are left only with "what feels good" as the basis for making choices and evaluation results. It is important to follow a proven scientific process sequence!

  1. Identify expected outputs
  2. The development of interventions must await analysis and design
  3. Post and test hypothesis based on data/evidence to support claims for a given intervention
  4. Ensure validation testing before implementation of interventions
Note: The content and the strategy/tactics should be addressed before deciding on the delivery mechanism. In fact, the characteristics of the content determine the strategy and the tactics. And the characteristics of the strategy and tactics are prime inputs to media and delivery decisions.

...Words of wisdom from Joe Harless

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